Silver Dollar City to close Fire in the Hole ride after 2023 season

Fire in the Hole (Silver Dollar City)

Silver Dollar City’s most historic attraction will soon come to an end.

Theme park officials on Monday announced that the iconic Fire in the Hole indoor rollercoaster will close at the end of the 2023 season.

“This Grand Finale season of the original Fire In The Hole is paving the way for continued growth and new adventures at Silver Dollar City,” said Brad Thomas, president of Silver Dollar City, in a news release. “There will be exciting announcements in the future.”

Thomas’ use of the word “original” may spark speculation that the park could plan to rebuild the ride, but no details were offered about the upcoming growth.

Built in 1972, the legendary coaster has thrilled over 25 million guests, according to the park’s website.

The ride’s storyline is themed around the story of Marmaros, an Ozarks hill town that is rumored to have been set ablaze by a group of vigilantes known as the Baldknobbers.

Riders roll past scenes that show residents trying to extinguish the fires. The coaster’s cars cross a collapsing bridge before dodging a steam train, and then crashing into a dynamite shack. In the ride’s iconic finale, the cars fall into a pool of water, splashing riders in the face.