Take this quiz to find out if you should attend Flyer Homes’ open house on Prospect Street this weekend

(Courtesy, Flyer Homes)

Spring is around the corner, everyone’s busy, and weekends are sacred.

At Flyer Homes, we understand all of these things.

But, and you’re going to have to trust us on this one, our new listing at 311 E. Prospect Street in the beautiful Washington-Willow Historic District is a special-enough home on a special-enough street in a special-enough neighborhood that you’re just gonna want to carve out some time and check it out at the open house, set for 2-4 p.m. this Sunday, March 12.

In fact, for those that need a little extra convincing about just how special this gorgeous home is, we developed the handy quiz to help you decide for yourself whether you should come see this one-of-a-kind place this weekend.

And not the kind of quiz that tells you what Sex and the City character you are, or which Ryan Gosling movie character is your boyfriend. This one’s much more functional than that.

This quiz could lead you to the home of your dreams. The one you’re going to make life-long memories in. The home you become the person you’ve always wanted to be in.

You could also check out these photos at homeonprospect.com and start imagining yourself bathing in all that beautiful natural light, hosting a gathering in the spacious back yard, and transforming that detached studio into the hobby room you’ve always wanted. Imagine the garden you could plant. The outdoor movie nights out back. Taste the popcorn.

But the quiz below works well too, and is probably a faster way to get to the same place. Simply fill out the quiz below, tabulate your score, and use the guide below to find out if this open house is right for you (it probably is).

Take the quiz

  1.  When you first saw this home for sale, did you think:  “Awe, I always loved that house.” Yes  No
  2.  Have you been wanting to live in the vibrant historic district but rarely see any homes with the modern requisite of a 2-car garage? Yes  No
  3.  Do you like the idea of owning a historic home, but don’t want the hassle of updating wiring or having windows that are painted shut?  (Note: In the 1990s this whole home was re-wired, insulated, and original windows exquisitely restored.)  Yes  No
  4.  Do you have a space-consuming, loud, or messy hobby that necessitates a large bonus area such as a detached workshop/studio or full, walk-out basement?  (Note: This home has both!)  Yes  No
  5.  Are you looking for a home with the potential for a rentable ADU to offset housing expenses?  (Note: This property includes an adorable 720 SF detached studio, bonus space not included in the overall square footage, that needs only simple updates to complete an ADU. Plan concepts and cost estimates available upon request.) Yes  No
  6.  Do you crave a home with amazing daylight and a yard large enough to do some serious gardening if you choose?  Yes  No
  7.  Do you desire to live in a location that offers a pleasant walking experience to the UA campus, a myriad of restaurants & shops, downtown entertainment, and the farmers market?  Yes  No
  8. Are you tired of only seeing homes with vinyl plank “wood” and crave authentic hardwood flooring? (Note: With acceptable purchase contract, the seller is generously offering a buyer concession to credit for the wood floors to be refinished after closing!) Yes  No 
  9.  Do you want an Owner’s bedroom suite complete with private, en-suite bathroom, soaking tub, walk-in closet, and built-ins?  Yes  No
  10. Do you wish to display your art collection from picture molding for that classic interior detail?  Yes  No

Scoring your results

-If you answer “yes” to at least one question, you should definitely attend the open house on Sunday, March 12.
-If you answer “yes” to at least 3 questions, you should text your agent ASAP to schedule a private viewing of the home.
-If you answer “yes” to 5 or more questions, you should also call your lender.  Time is of the essence and you don’t want to miss out on this unique home for sale!

Current Photos

Floor Plan

History Photos

The house when it sat on the corner of Trenton and College Ave, facing east, prior to being moved to its current location in the 1950’s. It was built in 1922 by one of the Lewis brothers.

How the house looked in 1985 when the current owners purchased it.

The current owners started renovation in 1985 with the kitchen and dining room. In this photo, a truck was taking away plaster and lathe from the exterior walls for insulation installation.

The deck was added in the mid-90s, while working on repainting the exterior.

The garage was added and the porch renovated in the early 2000s.

List of Improvements

1985 to 1990 – First major renovation

  • New wiring, whole house
  • Installed storm windows to all exterior windows
  • New kitchen cabinets, appliances, plumbing
  • All exterior walls insulated, new drywall
  • Upstairs bath renovation and 2nd bath added
  • Living room ceiling under bathroom strengthened, old cast iron waste pipe removed
  • Added central air to both floors
  • Planted pine and maple trees, northwest corner of property


  • Added shop with central heat & air
  • Built deck and repainted house exterior
  • Added awnings on west windows.


  • Razed carport, added new driveway & 2-car garage
  • Finished back porch to be heated & cooled, insulated, new windows & doors
  • Added little deck with covered link from garage to back porch
  • Installed new rock walkway on north side
  • Added bathtub/shower upstairs to make 2 full baths.

Recent improvements – last 5 years

  • Awning over deck, 2020
  • Exterior painting, 2019
  • New roof, house & shop, 2020
  • New fence around backyard
  • New stove, 2020
  • New surface on original bathtub, 2022

Renovation details

  • All interior woodwork, windows and trim, was fully stripped before being repainted with oil-base enamel (no lead). Where possible all original glass was retained in original windows. Double-hung windows were restored, replacing window sash cord so both windows move up and down. Picture and chair rails were installed.
  • All lead-based exterior paint was removed before new paint was applied.

10 Things the Owners Love About This House

  1. The views out of all windows.
  2. The birds nesting inside the awnings, watching babies hatch, parents feeding.
  3. Always a place to plant something new in this yard.
  4. Neighborhood is the best! Such a variety of nice dog and cat lovers, a great place to walk.
  5. Basement is so handy for storage and for hanging laundry.
  6. The way the light, shining through the old glass of the original windows, creates wavy shadows on the walls.
  7. The little window over the bathtub.
  8. Ron loves his shop.
  9. The kitchen layout.
  10. Sitting on the deck looking at the backyard in the summer – the pin oak with the shade garden, and the crape myrtles on the stone wall.

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