Arkansas lawmakers formally adjourn legislative session

Arkansas Capitol Building in Little Rock (Paul Brady)

The Arkansas Legislature on Monday formally adjourned this year’s session without lawmakers attempting to override any vetoes Republican Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued.

The Senate adjourned sine die after confirming several of Sanders’ appointments to various state panels, while the House didn’t meet.

Lawmakers wrapped up this year’s session last month after giving final approval to the state’s $6.2 billion budget and an overhaul of the state’s sentencing laws. Sanders signed the sentencing measure, which eliminates parole eligibility for certain violent offenses, into law last month.

Sanders took office in January and saw her top agenda items approved during the 89-day session. They include a massive education law that will create a school voucher program and raise minimum teacher salaries, and another measure cutting state income taxes.

Sanders last month vetoed three bills and a portion of a fourth bill. The predominantly Republican Legislature did not take up any attempts to override the vetoes, which would have taken a simple majority.

The Legislature isn’t set to meet until its fiscal session, which is intended to focus on the state’s budget, early next year. Sanders, however, could call the legislature back in for a special session before then.