UPDATED: Fayetteville network services offline after cybersecurity incident

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UPDATE: Phone lines for City Hall, Development Services, City Prosecutor and District Court have been restored. Public meetings scheduled for the week of June 12 will not have a virtual attendance option and will not be livestreamed via YouTube or telecast via local television channels.

Fayetteville city services were taken offline Thursday after a cybersecurity incident that occurred early in the morning.

As a result, email and telephone communications are unavailable and could remain offline for a few days, according to Keith Macedo, the city’s information technology director.

The city proactively shut services down after an apparent tampering that affected the performance of the system.

Police, fire and 911 emergency services are not affected by the issue.

Residents can also call either of the Police Department’s non-emergency lines at 479-587-3555 or 479-575-0258.

With utility bill payments also offline, customers will not be charged for late fees, and won’t be disconnected from service during the outage. Payments can be made in person at City Hall or dropped in the box outside the building at 113 W. Mountain St.

It’s unclear whether any of the week’s upcoming public meetings can still take place during the outage.