Fayetteville fills 11 positions on city boards and committees

Fayetteville Arts Council – March 1, 2023 (Fayetteville Government Channel)

The Fayetteville City Council on Thursday approved 11 appointments to seven of the city’s boards and committees.

Most appointments are recommended by the council’s Nominating Committee, which includes one council member from each of the city’s four wards as chosen by the mayor each January. Some recommendations are made by the mayor or members of the boards.

Fayetteville citizen committees consist of mostly volunteer citizens who resident within the city limits and are registered voters. Vacancies are posted here on the Flyer once each quarter.

The most recent recommendations were announced Thursday by Councilmember Mike Wiederkehr, who serves as chair of the Nominating Committee.

The new members are listed below:

Animal Services Advisory Board
Page Summers – Citizen at Large Term Ending (06/30/26)
Aaron Eng – Citizen at Large Term Ending (06/30/26)

Community Development and Assistance Programs Advisory Board
Kathy Spigarelli – One Unexpired Member Involved in Housing Services Term Ending (12/31/26)

Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals
Ryan Hardin – One Unexpired Member-at-Large Term Ending (03/31/28)

Environmental Action Committee
Vicki Spencer – One Community Citizen at Large Term Ending (06/30/26)
Margaret Britain – One Science Discipline Term Ending (06/30/26)

Fayetteville Arts Council
Lakeisha Edwards – One Arts and Culture Citizen at Large Term Ending (06/30/26)
Abigail Hill – One Working Artist Term Ending (06/30/26)

Historic District Commission
Meredith Mahan – One Citizen at-Large Term Ending (06/30/26)

Housing Authority Board of Commissioners
Vacant (no applicants) – One Unexpired Public-at-Large Term Ending (12/28/26)

Keep Fayetteville Beautiful
Vacant (no applicants) – Two Unexpired Citizen-at-Large Term Ending (09/30/25)

Urban Forestry Advisory Board
Vacant (no applicants) – One Unexpired Tree Service Community Representative Term Ending (12/31/24)

Walton Arts Center Council
Joel Freund – One Citizen at Large Term Ending (06/30/26)
Mark Kinion – One Citizen at Large Term Ending (06/30/26)