City Park outdoor restaurant announces opening

( Staff photo)

A new outdoor restaurant and beer garden from the folks behind Feed & Folly is set to open in Fayetteville.

The fully-outdoor restaurant, called City Park, is located in the former AT&T truck station at 1332 N. Leverett Ave. It will officially open for business at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, July 12, according to a post on the company’s Instagram account.

Owner Lewis Chase told us City Park will open in two phases, with the first phase including a covered seating area, a container bar offering adult and other beverages, along with food offerings like street tacos, smash burgers, barbecue, salad bowls, breakfast, coffee, and appetizers for hungry folks who have worked up an appetite walking or biking the nearby Razorback Greenway trail.

“The majority of dining will be under over hangs with fans and TVs mounted,” Chase said. “The bar is an old shipping container that will have 13 local beers on tap with a few draft cocktail options as well as frozen margaritas. We will also have buckets of domestic beers and the food menu will consist of smash burgers, tacos and a variety of apps and bowls.”

The second phase of the restaurant that is currently under design and development, is scheduled to open sometime next year and will include a yard area filled with games and additional seating, and a new connection to the trail across the adjacent Scull Creek.

“Get ready for some friendly competition with our yard games, including a yard bar and “boche ball” – perfect for socializing and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family,” the website says. “As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we will also be undertaking creek restoration efforts, which will involve the removal of all debris and the restoration of both sides of the creekside, creating a pristine and serene environment for everyone to enjoy.”

( Staff photo)

The name of the new place is a nod to the original name of Fayetteville’s Wilson Park, according to the City Park website.

From the website:

In 1908, an anonymous writer going by the name “City Park Poet” penned a tribute to the natural beauty of this new addition to Fayetteville. In the poem “Athens of Arkansas,” the author tells the audience that

“By being more friendly with nature and art,” we “have added to town a beautiful park” and: 

To sum it all up – to come to the test, 

There’s but one addition that we can call best, 

The one by Mt. Nord through Englewood shade, 

The place of all places that Nature has made, 

The place she has made and sealed with her mark 

The beautiful place we call City Park.

We reached out for information on the restaurant’s hours, and we’ll update this post with that info once we hear back.