City reminds landlords to register contacts for their properties

(City of Fayetteville)

City officials said they want to remind short-term rental owners and landlords who own more than two residential rental properties within the city to provide a point of contact on the city’s landlord representative registry.

The registry was created in 2021 and requires those owners to provides the name and contact information of a designated representative for resident renters and their neighbors.

Property owners are also required to list whether or not they accept housing-assistance vouchers.

Those who fail to register will be subject to fines, said Jonathan Curth, the city’s development services director.

Any change to landlord representatives must be updated on the registry within seven days, Curth said.

“The registry ensures that renters, neighbors and city staff have a means of reaching landlords who may be difficult to contact if there are problems with the leased property,” Curth said. “Designated representatives should have the power and responsibility to respond to questions, issues and problems of the tenants, and to be an additional agent to facilitate communication with the landlord.”

Representatives listed must live or work in Washington, Benton, Crawford or Madison counties. There is no fee for landlords to register a representative, and there is no cost to the public to access and search the registry, Curth said.

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