Permit approved for JJ’s sports complex in Fayetteville

The proposed facility includes baseball, basketball, and ninja training areas.
A new sports complex is proposed on the south side of Van Asche Drive, just east of Interstate 49 in north Fayetteville. (Google Maps)

Planning commissioners on Monday approved an updated plan for a proposed sports park in north Fayetteville.

The commission voted 7-0 to support changes to a previously approved permit for JJ’s Sports Complex, a proposed sports facility for baseball, basketball, and ninja training.

Commissioners Mary Madden and Jimm Garlock were absent from Monday’s meeting.

The complex is planned on nearly 12 acres of land southeast of Van Asche Drive and Interstate 49. A portion of the property is owned by Jody Thornton, owner of several JJ’s restaurants, according to county records.

“JJ’s Sports Complex is a brand-new multi-sport training complex for athletes of all ages,” said Blake Jorgensen with Jorgensen + Associates in a letter to city planners. “The first of its kind in Northwest Arkansas, JJ’s Sports Complex will host state of the art facilities for baseball, basketball, and other sports. JJ’s Sports Complex seeks to become Northwest Arkansas’s hub for competitive sports training for athletes of all ages.”

Plans submitted to the city show six structures: a 2-story, 59,502-square-foot basketball gym; a 15,625-square-foot baseball infield; two 9,900-square-foot buildings for baseball hitting and pitching; a 9,900-square-foot ninja park; and a 4,000-square-foot storage building.

JJ’s Sports Complex location

The original permit showed five buildings, a smaller basketball gym and baseball infield, along with a different configuration of the structures on a 4-acre footprint.

Commissioner Andrew Brink said he saw no problems with the updated permit request.

“While there are changes, it’s not a functional change,” said Brink. “They’re just moving the use, all recreational.”

There was no public comment on the request.

Scheduled operating hours are 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily with 25 employees.

Proposed layout for JJ’s Sports Complex (City of Fayetteville)