Puritan opens new wine bar inside location on Dickson Street

Kayla Reese, wine manger at Puritan Coffee & Beer, stands next to LoFi, a natural wine bar that recently opened in the Puritan space at 205 W. Dickson St. (Courtesy photo)

Puritan Coffee & Beer recently raised a glass to its latest project, a natural wine bar located inside the Puritan space at 205 W. Dickson St. in Fayetteville.

The new endeavor, called LoFi, offers a variety of natural and minimal-intervention wines to be enjoyed either at the bar or to-go.

It’s the second summer in a row that Puritan has expanded its offerings. The bar last year began brewing its own in-house beer.

Wine manager Kayla Reese said LoFi aims to extend’s Puritan’s goal of providing a central hub for people to gather and connect over a beverage.

“LoFi is where we want people to try a glass, bottle or flight of natural wine that they probably wouldn’t have come across on their own,” said Reese. “We’re here to help guests find their new favorite bottle.”

Reese said every bottle on the LoFi shelf is intentionally selected.

“A lot of our wines have unique, amazing stories behind them and that plays a huge role in how we pick what we want on the shelves,” she said. “All of our wine – whether that’s a white, rosé, red, skin contact or sparkling – is handpicked and tasted by us.”

LoFi opened inside Puritan earlier this summer, but Reese said the bar will expand into the shared outdoor space in the coming months.

LoFi’s current hours are: Monday through Friday from 4-10 p.m. and Saturday from 12-6 p.m.

(Courtesy photo)