‘The Magic Harmonica’ book release set for Oct. 6


A local author is planning a celebration of his new children’s book in Fayetteville this week.

Local resident Bob Fink, who teamed up with New York-based illustrator Jean Metcalf, will host an event to commemorate the release of their new book The Magic Harmonica at 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 6 at Millar Lodge on the campus of Mount Sequoyah.

From the description of the book:

The Magic Harmonica” transports readers/listeners/participants on an unforgettable adventure while kindling the nostalgia of yesteryear’s vinyl read-alongs.  American-Primitivism-esque illustrations, painted by Jersey City artist Jean Metcalf generate an irresistible visual gravity while a homespun operatic soundscape, composed, performed, and narrated by Bob Fink (of Fayetteville-Hazel Valley, AR) and friends, weaves a soulful and friendly counterpoint, enhancing the daring originality of the story to the edges of imagination

The book launch will include games, food, drink, prizes, a live performance, and more.

It is free to attend, and open to the public.

For a bit more information, visit themagicharmonica.com.