Adeem the Artist, Soccer Mommy, Junior Brown, more added to winter lineup at The Momentary

Soccer Mommy / Courtesy

The summer music season is over, but as they (probably) say in the music business, “artists are still touring in the wintertime.”

Along these lines, the Momentary just announced several indoor shows coming up over the winter and early spring months to take place at their RØDE House stage.

The diverse lineup includes electronic music, country, jazz, hip hop, and more.

The music kicks off on Dec. 16 with an electronic show with up and coming Kansas-born producer ROSSY.

In January, the venue will host Knoxville, TN country act Adeem the Artist, followed by two live podcast tapings and performances for ETown Live Radio featuring a Langhorne Slim and Briscoe on Jan. 10, and James McMurtry and Erin Rae on Jan. 12. Both Langhorne Slim and James McMurtry played at George’s this fall.

Also in January, acclaimed indie band Soccer Mommy will play Jan. 13, and country act Junior Brown is set to perform on Jan. 27.

Shows will continue through early May, when the Momentary is expected to return to their focus on outdoor music with their annual Fresh Grass festival and other big outdoor shows.

The full lineup of indoor concerts released this week is below.

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The Momentary 2023-24 Winter Lineup

Dec 16 – ROSSY & Mija
Jan 5 – Adeem the Artist
Jan. 10 – eTown Live Radio Taping: Langhorne Slim and Briscoe
Jan. 12 – eTown Live Radio Taping: James McMurtry and Erin Rae
Jan. 13 – Soccer Mommy
Jan. 26 – Astral Project
Jan. 27 – Junior Brown
Feb. 2 – The Soul Rebels with special guest Talib Kweli
Feb. 23 – FEB 23 | 3DeadIdols, Avian Alia, Lydia Newsom, DK Star God
Feb. 24 – Little Joe and La Familia
March 1 – The Brother Moves On with Malcolm Jiyane
April 12 – Antonio Sánchez | Birdman Live 10th Anniversary (Film screening)
April 13 – The Dip
May 1 – Chicano Batman