Celebrating 16 years of the Flyer with a look back at College Avenue

Hastings as seen in July 2008. (Flyer file photo/Todd Gill)

As we continue reflecting upon our 16-year anniversary this month, we’re uncovering lots of photos from our early days here at the Flyer, and we’re sharing more today.

We’re very thankful for everyone that has been a part the Flyer community, and to those who’ve cheered us on along the way. We’re still a two-person team, but we are working on ways to solidify our future and expand our coverage. As of today, we’ve raised nearly $18,000 of our $20,000 year-end fundraising goal. If you’d like to help push us over the finish line, here’s where to chip in.

Today we’re taking a look at some photos taken on College Avenue in the summer of 2008. Some of these places are still around, some have moved to other parts of town, and others are no longer with us. We hope they bring back some good memories.

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