City to replace 14 trees in Dickson Street area

Several trees near Puritan Coffee & Beer are marked for removal and replacement. (Flyer photo)

City crews plan to remove and replace 14 trees in the Dickson Street entertainment district beginning Thursday, Jan. 4.

Eight of the trees are Bradford pears, which are listed on the city’s invasive species list, two are dead or dying, and four are too large, according to a news release.

The Bradford pears were planted before the City Council in 2015 approved an ordinance restricting the planting of invasive plants on city property.

“The current situation is causing a safety hazard for pedestrians along the sidewalk,” said John Scott, the city’s urban forester.

The replacement native trees were selected to be size-appropriate and suited to grow in a hot, urban setting.

“Our goal for these projects is to provide a safe space for pedestrians while growing trees that will reach maturity to provide optimal ecosystem benefits,” Scott said.

A tree outside Puritan Coffee & Beer was removed on Thursday, Jan. 4, 2024. (Flyer photo/Todd Gill)