Special van to help survey street, sidewalk conditions in Fayetteville

A specially designed van will be driving Fayetteville streets collecting data on road and sidewalk conditions / Courtesy

A specially outfitted van will be driving Fayetteville streets to help evaluate road and sidewalk conditions in the coming weeks.

The van will assist the city’s Infrastructure Management System in an effort to measure “pavement roughness, rutting, cracking, and other distresses” using a laser road service tester, according to a news release.

City officials last evaluated the pavement condition in 2019, and the data collected during that evaluation has been utilized to direct pavement management and overlay plans in since then.

After five years, it’s time to re-collect the data.

“The city uses software that manages the index data, and it automatically ‘ages’ the pavement based on industry standard deterioration curves,” said Chris Brown, the city’s public works director. “However, over time, the actual pavement conditions may deviate from the expected condition, so it’s necessary to re-inventory the streets to capture the true pavement conditions and recalibrate the software.”

The van will collect data through roughly the end of February depending on weather and road conditions over the next month or so.

After that, further structural testing will take place to complete the evaluation.