Restaurant, bar, ‘sporting lounge’ coming to UARK Bowl building in Fayetteville

Flyer photo

A new business described as a “restaurant, bar and sporting lounge” is in the works on Dickson Street.

According to a press release issued this week, the new business is currently in development inside the old UARK Bowl building, located at 644 W. Dickson St.

The restaurant will be called The Leroy Sporting Lounge, which explains the “Who is Leroy?” message that has been on the marquee outside for several weeks.

The UARK Bowl building is owned by longtime local business owner Ted Belden’s Old Buildings, LLC.

The portion of the 9,063-square-foot building that will house the new project is located between what is currently Plomo and a new restaurant in the works called Baked by Kori. The building was most recently home to an event space also called The UARK Bowl that hosted movie nights, performances, and other events a few years ago.

According to, the building was built in 1947 by W.F. Sonneman as one of the city’s first bowling alleys. It remained a bowling alley until 1978, when it became The Boardwalk Shops, home to businesses like Boardwalk Jeans and Boardwalk Cafe. It was remodeled again in around 2000 to resemble the most current configuration.

The press release issued this week described the remodel of the space currently underway as “a massive transformation,” and promises more details about the project will be released soon.

If all goes well, the restaurant will be open in March.