Here are the exhibits coming to the Momentary in 2024

Awol Erizku, Ask the Dust, Rolling Stones, 2016, from Awol Erizku: Mystic Parallax (Aperture, 2023). Floral design: Sarah Erizku. Courtesy of the artist.

Ready your observation hands and your art viewing goggles, everyone. The lineup of exhibits coming to the Momentary is out.

The gallery and performance space in Bentonville will focus on three photography-centric exhibits in 2024, including Kristine Potter: Dark Waters; Awol Erizku: Mystic Parallax, and Pets in Contemporary Photography.

Dark Waters features a new collection of Potter’s black and white photos exploring the Southern Gothic Genre. That show will open as the weather warms up in May, and will run for much of the year through October.

During the same period, Erizku’s Mystic Parallax will also be on display in the gallery spaces at the Momentary. The show features photography, film, painting, sculpture, and installations that “references and reimagines African American and African visual culture, from hip-hop vernacular to iconic symbols from across history, including the Pan-African flag and the image of Nefertiti.”

In late 2024, a collection featuring pets in contemporary photography called Best in Show opens in November and runs through the spring of 2025. The show, organized by Fotografiska New York, features work by 25 artists, and focuses on the role that pets “have played in culture and how they stand in as representations of status, power, loyalty, compassion and companionship.”

Currently on display at the Momentary is Enduring Amazon: Life and Afterlife in the Rainforest. Details on that are here. The exhibit will remain open through April 7, 2024.

In addition to the art, we are also expecting some big announcements for live music on the green in the coming weeks. We’ll keep you posted on that.

The exhibits below are free to attend and open to the public.

A bit more information about the 2024 exhibits at the Momentary is below, and you can also find info at

Descriptions provided by The Momentary

Kristine Potter: Dark Waters | May 19, 2024 – October 13, 2024

In Dark Waters, a tour de force of Southern Gothic Noir, Kristine Potter reinvents a centuries-old genre with coolness and clarity. With this recent collection of seductive and darkly brooding photographs, Potter reflects on the Southern Gothic mythos found in the popular imagination of “murder ballads” – traditional songs from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that often end in death and despair.
Her richly detailed black-and-white images channel the setting and characters of these songs, capturing the landscape of the American South and creating portraits that stand in for the oft-unnamed women at the center of their stories. In doing so, she both evokes and exorcizes the ambient sense of threat that women often grapple with as they move through the world. Dark Waters is accompanied by Potter’s second monograph, co-published by the Momentary and Aperture, which continues her engagement with the American landscape as a palimpsest for cultural ideologies.

Kristine Potter, Balladeer 2, 2022 from Kristine Potter: Dark Waters (Aperture, 2023), © 2023 Kristine Potter

Awol Erizku: Mystic Parallax | May 19, 2024 – October 13, 2024

Encompassing photography, film, painting, sculpture, and installation, Awol Erizku’s work references and reimagines African American and African visual culture, from hip-hop vernacular to iconic symbols from across history, including the Pan-African flag and the image of Nefertiti. Erizku’s vision is expansive, drawing on traditions of spirituality, Surrealism, and Conceptualism to create uniquely powerful art.

Mystic Parallax is the first major monograph (co-published by the Momentary and Aperture) and exhibition by this rising interdisciplinary artist. It blends his studio practice with work made as an in-demand editorial photographer and features his conceptual portraits of leading Black cultural figures, such as Amanda Gorman, Michael B. Jordan, Pharrell Williams, and Solange. As Erizku has said, “It’s important for me to create confident, powerful, downright regal images of Black people.”

Best in Show: Pets in Contemporary Photography | November 23, 2024 – April 13, 2025

Through Best in Show, Momentary visitors will have the opportunity to explore the role that furry (and feathered) friends have played in culture and how they stand in as representations of status, power, loyalty, compassion and companionship through the perspectives of 25 global artists. Works on view will include examples by William Wegman, famed for his portraits of his Weimaraners; Walter Chandoha, the world’s first professional cat photographer; and Sophie Gamand, known for her touching, sensitive photographs of dogs taking baths.

Organized by Fotografiska New York, the contemporary museum of photography, art, and culture, Best in Show celebrates and acknowledges constant companions, their presence in Western art and popular culture, and their multifaceted relationships with humans.

Over the course of the year, a variety of programs associated with these exhibitions – from community days and art classes to high-profile lectures and more – will take place at Crystal Bridges and the Momentary. General admission to both spaces is always free. Visit and for exhibition and experience ticket details, membership information, hours, and to plan a visit.

Double Pomeranian, 2012, © Dolly Faibyshev

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