Photographer Andrew Kilgore to open studio for Black History Month exhibit

Photo: Andrew Kilgore

Longtime local photographer Andrew Kilgore will open his home studio on Sundays during the month of February for an exhibit of his historical photos featuring black women in honor of Black History Month.

The show, titled Black Women Being Seen: Part One includes 38 prints from Kilgore’s collection on display in his studio, located at 527 S. Block Avenue in Fayetteville.

“The more I talk the less I see. When I really care about someone, I meet them in stillness and quiet. I try to be open and attentive to the real person in front of me. Then we both play a small part in helping to create a world in which we survive and thrive together,” Kilgore said. “And so, I hope you will come and look at these pictures and tell me what you see, and think, and feel.”

Kilgore, who celebrated his 83rd birthday last fall, has been documenting the people of Arkansas for most of his adult life. Over his long career, he has taken photos of all manner of subjects, but he is best known for his portrait work.

Photo: Andrew Kilgore

Typically shot in black-and-white, with a neutral backdrop usually provided by a simple piece of cloth, Kilgore’s portraits are instantly recognizable. The plain background combined with Andrew’s good nature that puts his subjects at east allow the portraits a unique kind of life that is difficult to quantify.

Eye contact with the camera is another characteristic of his portraits that – for lack of a better explanation – drip with the humanity and and sparkle with the personality of the subjects.

Kilgore told us last fall the secret to capturing the essence of a person in his portraits boils down to having an eye for composition, abstract shapes, and design, but more so, comes from of his love of his subject matter.

“I love these people,” he said. “I really do love people. I fall in love with everyone I photograph. I fall in love with people at the next table at a restaurant. I just can’t take my eyes off of people.”

Recently, he has also made available some of his favorite photographs from his career to purchase as prints via the site.

The new exhibit in his home this month will be open from 2-5 p.m. on Sundays through Feb. 25.

For more in Kilgore’s work, visit his website.

Photo: Andrew Kilgore