Trailblazers encourages community wellness through movement challenge

Embodying Trailblazers’ ethos of “Movement for All,” Movement May prioritizes accessibility, inclusivity, and encouragement and is designed to inspire all Northwest Arkansas residents to embrace the abundant trails, streets, and pathways for recreation and transportation. This annual campaign encourages individuals of all ages and abilities to track their physical activity on Strava to contribute to the region’s collective activity totals and compete for exciting prizes. Strava is a FREE app that offers over 30 different activity options in 14 languages.

“We’ve seen that people in NWA are recording more activities on foot than they are by bike, which is exciting! Our community enjoys all types of movement out on trails and streets – we want to celebrate that,” says Lauren Hildreth, Senior Manager of Community Programs at Trailblazers. “Through the Movement Challenge, we aim to not only increase the utilization of regional trails and pathways but also to celebrate the diversity of people who call Northwest Arkansas home. Through our Movement Ambassadors helping promote Movement May, we hope to showcase community members using the trails in different ways.”

Join Trailblazers for Movement May by signing up here and joining the Trailblazers Strava Club, and embark on a journey toward wellness, connectivity, and community spirit. For more information about Movement May and the Movement Challenge, visit or follow Trailblazers on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Strava.

About Trailblazers: Trailblazers is a 501(c)3 whose mission is to lead the development of an innovative regional recreation and transportation movement that places trails, cycling and active transportation infrastructure at the core of an inclusive, vibrant, and healthy culture.

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