City seeks artist for murals at Yvonne Richardson Community Center

YRCC initial expansion concept (Miller Boskus Lack Architects)

The city has announced an open call for artists to contribute to a collaborative mural project as part of the Yvonne Richardson Community Center’s upcoming expansion.

The project will involve two primary locations at the center: a Conex shipping container with a 375-square-foot canvas and the front facade of the building, which includes 262 square feet of space for a mural.

Phases of the mural project include initial theme development, refinement of ideas into a design, and community painting days, allowing students to directly engage in creating the mural.

Design submissions are open through May 24 for artists based in Northwest Arkansas. The total budget for the project is $22,000, which will cover artist fees, materials, equipment rentals, and necessary insurances.

Interested artists must meet specific criteria including transportation capability, insurance, and clearances to work with minors. Submissions must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the online submission packet.

The final designs will require approval from the Fayetteville Arts Council.

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