Extension granted for Alamo Drafthouse project on former 112 Drive-In property in Fayetteville

Rendering of The Aronson (CL Partners)

The developers of a mixed-use project on the site of the former 112 Drive-In have asked for an extension to keep the project alive.

It’s been over 14 months since a movie screening was held at the site to celebrate the start of the project, which included plans for the state’s first Alamo Drafthouse.

Since then, not much progress has been visible on the Hwy. 112 property.

The development, called The Aronson, was also set to include apartments, duplexes, triplexes, restaurant and retail spaces, and a cinema featuring an 800-seat indoor theater and outdoor drive-in.

The project first came to light when it was added to the Alamo Drafthouse website before being officially announced and celebrated with a screening of Cocaine Bear in February 2023.

Nearly a year after the film screening event, we reached out to Alamo spokesperson Brad Johnson, who said there was nothing new to report at the time. The website for the development still lists a 2024 completion date for the project.

“We don’t have any updates at this time, but will be sure to reach out to you when we do have any news or updates to share,” Johnson said in a Feb. 7 email to the Flyer.

Recent reports in entertainment publications like Deadline and Variety that the Alamo brand was up for sale have led to some local questions about the fate of the project.

We did find a glimmer of hope that the development could still be in the works. The developers recently requested and were granted a one-year extension of their large-scale development permit from the city, which now expires on May 2, 2025.

Dave Anderson of CL Partners, LLC asked for the extension on March 18 in a letter addressed to Jessie Masters, the city’s development review manager. In the letter, Anderson said that the developers were working to reconfigure the project’s residential design to add around 100 units.

“We believe this extension is crucial for accommodating these adjustments and delivering a high-quality development,” Anderson said in the letter.

Anderson also cited fluctuations in interest rates as another factor requiring additional planning time for the project.

We reached out to Anderson and Alamo officials last week for an update, but as of Tuesday afternoon, we haven’t heard back from either of them.

The Fayetteville location is still listed on the Alamo website and also on the The Aronson’s website.

That’s all we know for now. We’ll keep you posted.