City Council snapshot: May 21, 2024

Welcome to this week’s City Council Snapshot.

In this feature, we offer a concise overview of the business discussed in the previous evening’s council meeting for those seeking a quick understanding of the key points covered during the proceedings.

For those who’d like a more in-depth version, including the roll call, detailed descriptions, vote counts and supplementary documents for each item, make sure to check out our full recap of the meeting.

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Unfinished Business

1. Vacation-2024-0006 – 151 W. Dickson St./151 Dickson Development, 484
An ordinance was approved to vacate a 273-square-foot portion of an access easement at 151 W. Dickson St. The property, located southeast of the intersection of Church Avenue and Dickson Street, included an easement dedicated to the city for a public bench that has since been removed. The council passed the ordinance unanimously (8-0), allowing the property owner to proceed with redevelopment plans for a seven-story building (see our story here). No public comments were made during the discussions on May 7 or May 21.

2. Rezoning-2024-0011 – Various Expired PZD Locations/Expired PZDs, PP Varies
The council approved an ordinance to rezone three expired Planned Zoning Districts (PZDs) to various standard zoning districts. The properties included undeveloped and partially developed areas. City planners and the Planning Commission recommended the rezoning, which aims to update the districts to comply with newer city regulations. The ordinance was passed unanimously (8-0) after removing two controversial parcels that will head back to the council later for separate approval.

New Business

1. Intent to Enact Stormwater Utility Fee
The council passed a resolution of intent to create a stormwater utility fee (see our story here). The fee, based on property impervious surface area, aims to address the shortfall in funding from current sources. Proposed fees range from $1.69 to $9.79 per month, with larger properties paying more. Public Works Director Chris Brown presented the proposal, and two individuals spoke in favor. The resolution passed unanimously (8-0).

2. Administrative-2024-0019 – Amend UDC Chapters 166.04
An ordinance was approved to amend parkland dedication requirements in city code, ensuring that all new residential developments contribute to the city’s park system. The amendment addressed a gap in the existing rules that resulted in significant revenue losses from uncollected fees. The council advanced the ordinance to the third reading and passed it unanimously (8-0).

3. Vacation-2024-0007 – East of 1074 E. Sain St/Trails on the Creek, 174
The council approved an ordinance to vacate a 0.076-acre drainage easement east of Sain Street, allowing for a multi-family development. The property, located south of Mud Creek, is required to vacate the easement to proceed with development plans approved in November 2022. The ordinance passed unanimously (8-0) with no public comments.

4. Rezoning-2024-0015 – 4600 E. Huntsville Rd./Stone Street Rentals LLC, 565
An ordinance was passed to rezone approximately 1.94 acres at 4600 E. Huntsville Road from Residential Agricultural (R-A) to Residential Single-Family (RSF-4). The property is located in southeast Fayetteville. Both city staff and the Planning Commission recommended the rezoning. The council advanced the ordinance to the third reading and passed it unanimously (8-0).

5. Rezoning-2024-0016 – 2460 N. Old Wire Rd./Fayetteville Nature School, 292
The council approved an ordinance to rezone approximately 1.95 acres at 2640 N. Old Wire Road from Commercial Planned Zoning District (CPZD) to Institutional (P-1). The property is near Gulley Park and houses a preschool. The rezoning will allow continued use and potential expansion of the school. The council advanced the ordinance to the third reading and passed it unanimously (8-0).

6. Rezoning-2024-0017 – 512 N. Mission Blvd./Zweig, 446
An ordinance was introduced to rezone 0.90 acres at 512 N. Mission Blvd. from Residential Single-Family (RSF-4) to Neighborhood Services – General (NS-G). The property is currently developed with a single-family home and accessory structures. The applicant said they plan to preserve the existing buildings for office and storage use. The council left the item on the first reading to allow more time for consideration, with discussions to continue on June 4.

7. Rezoning-2024-0018 – Southwest of W. Treadwell St. and S. Hill Ave./Subtext Acquisitions, LLC. and Modus Studio, 522
An ordinance was introduced to rezone approximately 2.9 acres on a full city block south of Treadwell Street from Residential Multifamily (RMF-40) to Main Street Center (MSC). The property currently includes a mix of housing and undeveloped lots. The rezoning would allow higher density and additional uses. Several residents expressed concerns about displacement and housing affordability. The council left the item on the first reading to continue discussions on June 4.

8. Intent to Approve Extension of Water & Sewer Service
The council passed a resolution to express intent to extend water and sewer services to a proposed development outside the city limits at 1011 S. Mally Wagnon Road. The extension would be at the developer’s expense, pending further studies and documentation. The resolution passed 7-0, with one member absent.

9. Request to Appropriate Funds to Fund the Housing Crisis Task Force
A resolution to appropriate $1 million from ARPA funds to the Housing Crisis Task Force was tabled until June 4. The resolution, which aims to address the housing crisis, underwent amendments to refine the language and remove immediate timeline pressures. Concerns were raised about the proposal’s vagueness and potential diversion from planned infrastructure projects. The motion to table the resolution passed 5-3.

10. Amend 157.03 – Notification requirements
The council passed an ordinance to amend notification requirements for annexations, zoning map amendments, and rezonings. The amendment ensures that all residents, including tenants of rental properties, are notified about proposed changes. The council advanced the ordinance to the third reading and passed it unanimously (8-0) with an emergency clause for immediate effect.


The following items were approved in a single, all-inclusive vote without discussion, as usual for all items of consent.

  1. Condemnation for land needed for the Highway 112 widening project.
  2. Condemnation for land owned by Osment Investments and others for the Highway 112 widening project.
  3. Applying for a grant to fund 80% of hangar infrastructure improvements at Drake Field.
  4. A contract for an aquatic feasibility study and a project contingency.
  5. Transferring funds to cover street cut costs for the remainder of 2024.
  6. Recognizing $73,395 in police impact fees for expanding operations to the Entertainment District Police Substation.
  7. A six-month temporary position for short-term rental enforcement.

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