City to celebrate completion of Wilson Park projects

The Wilson Park Hub / Courtesy, City of Fayetteville

City officials will break out their largest pair of scissors and longest roll of ribbon to celebrate the completion of two projects at Wilson Park.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 30 to commemorate the new park hub and promenade projects that were recently constructed at the park.

The event will take place at the newly completed hub, a building and covered area at the park that includes restrooms, picnic tables, a community information board, a changeable mural, and space for things like summer camps and other programming, officials said.

“The idea is to replace the restrooms, but also to make more of a building that has a lot of different functions like providing a place for people to meet, or to sit and watch tennis or volleyball,” said Ted Jack, park planning superintendent, when the project was announced. “It will create kind of a social hub right there in the center of the park.”

The promenade is located between Scull Creek and the playground on the west side of the park. The new area connects the park’s perimeter loop walking trail to the playground pavilion, provides seating, and also includes little surprises and curiosities embedded in the pathway for children to discover, officials said.

More improvements are planned or already in the works at the park. Officials are still planning to restore the spring-fed creek that flows into Scull Creek at the park, and some sculptural additions are also in the works. In addition, the City has begun construction of six new pickleball courts at Wilson Park, as well as renovations of the park’s tennis courts, and new lights for the park’s basketball court.

The projects are partially paid for through the Park Improvement Bond approved by Fayetteville residents in 2019.

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