Gulley Park playground to reopen soon

Staff photo

It’s a bit behind schedule, but the playground at one of Fayetteville’s most popular parks will reopen in a matter of weeks.

The playground at Gulley Park has been closed since last summer for a host of improvements and new amenities. Scheduled work included replacing the playground equipment with swings, a tot area, a ping pong and chess area, an interactive fountain, a pavilion, new landscaping and other features.

The playground also includes a new stagecoach piece by local artist Eugene Sargent, parks planning superintendent Ted Jack told the Flyer this week.

The improvements are expected to cost around $1.4 million, and are funded in part by a $220,000 grant from the state.

Fayetteville officials had originally targeted early- to mid-May to reopen the playground, but Jack said that the project is a bit behind schedule due to the rainy spring.

Jack said the new target date for reopening the playground is now sometime in June, with a glimmer of hope it could reopen before the Gulley Park Concert Series begins on June 13.

Additional information on improvements planned at Gulley Park is available at