Residents create list of resources for NWA tornado victims

Photo:Courtesy, Rogers Public Schools

More than 18,000 homes continue to be without power and roadways are still blocked in areas of Benton County after a tornado that killed 8 people devastated areas of Bentonville, Rogers, Decatur, and other communities in Northwest Arkansas.

As always, though, the NWA Community is doing what it can to help, and a spreadsheet created by citizens in the region is helping to connect those affected by the tornado with available resources in the community.

The Google spreadsheet, available at is being updated regularly with information on local shelters, places to cool off, hot meals, debris removal, phone charging stations, pet resources, WIFI, and more.

Rogers Public Schools is also maintaining a pretty comprehensive list of resources, volunteer opportunities, and donation sites, and we found at least one Facebook group also connecting locals with assistance.

Northwest Arkansas Council is also tracking relief efforts, volunteer opportunities, and command centers related to tornado relieve via their website.

According to the Benton County website, Benton County Fairgrounds and Benton County Decatur Road Yard are debris dropoff sites for vegetative debris (i.e. trees, limbs, shrubs, etc) only.

The county is also tracking property damage via a citizen damage reporter website.

For more info on disaster relief efforts in Benton County, visit