City Council snapshot: June 4, 2024

Welcome to this week’s City Council Snapshot.

In this feature, we offer a few highlights from the previous evening’s council meeting.

For those who’d like a more in-depth recap of the meeting, including the roll call, detailed descriptions, vote counts and supplementary documents for each item, make sure to check out our full recap of the meeting.

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Full city-block rezoning near UA & FHS

A rezoning request that could lead to a full city block being leveled and replaced with a new housing complex near the UA and FHS campuses was discussed for a second time. The land includes the full block east of Duncan, south of Treadwell, west of Hill Avenue and north of Putman Street (see our story here). The discussion was put on hold until the next meeting.

Earmarking funds for the Housing Crisis Task Force

A proposal to reallocate $1 million from Walker Park improvements to the forthcoming housing crisis task force was rejected in a 5-3 vote (See our story here).

Zweig property rezoning on Mission Boulevard

An ordinance was approved to rezone land at 512 N. Mission Blvd. that includes a single-family home and two accessory structures. The applicant said the plan is to preserve the existing buildings and use them for office and storage. Despite concerns from Councilmember Turk about potential increased density with future owners, the ordinance passed 7-1, with Turk voting against.

Expired PZDs approved or put on hold

The council approved the rezoning of one expired Planned Zoning District on North Pinehills Drive, but left two others – Springwoods and Park West – on hold until the next meeting.

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