Lake Fayetteville parking lot to close for maintenance on Thursday and Friday

City officials and contractor representatives pose for a photo during a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate upcoming improvements at the Lake Fayetteville softball complex on Tuesday, July 18, 2023. (Flyer photo/Todd Gill)

FAYETTEVILLE — The main parking lot at Lake Fayetteville will be closed intermittently during the day on Thursday and Friday, June 13-14, due to an ongoing micro-surfacing project.

The lot, located on East Lake Fayetteville Road, will be closed part of the day Thursday for micro-surfacing and part of the day Friday for striping, according to Byron Humphry, park operations director for the city.

“The closures should begin in the morning each day and reopen in the afternoon,” Humphry said. “This should not affect the availability of the parking lot for softball Thursday night.”

Micro-surfacing involves applying a mixture of emulsified asphalt, aggregate, water, and chemical additives uniformly over the existing road.

The city is using this method as preventative maintenance on roads that have deteriorated but do not yet require full reconstruction, Humphry said. The treatment dries quicker and costs significantly less than replacing the existing surface, he said, and the process can extend the life of asphalt surfaces by up to 10 years.