To-Do Wednesday: 3/4/09

It’s Hump Day. I’ve never liked that phrase, by the way. I know it’s supposed to mean that it’s the middle of the week and if we can get over the “hump” then it’s smooth sailing until the weekend. Of course, for anyone in elementary school, it’s the other “hump” that makes it fun to

To-Do Wednesday: 2/25/09

So Mardi Gras is over and with Fat Tuesday behind us, it’s time to settle down for a lull in activity around town, right? Wrong. Brian Crowne has pulled out the big guns for tonight as he hosts two big shows in two different venues. First up at the Fayetteville Town Center is Fayetteville favorite

To-Do (Fat) Tuesday: 2/24/09

When I say “Easter,” you say “Bunny!” When I say “Valentines,” you say “Love!” When I say “Mardi Gras,” you say … “Dickson Street?” Heck, why not? Dickson Street! It’s no N’awlins, that’s for sure. But if you can’t get that far south on a Tuesday and be back to work at 8am tomorrow morning,