Flyer Sponsorship

Sponsors keep the Flyer flying!

A Flyer sponsorship is our most popular advertising package. With so many placements across the site, our audience always knows which local places are helping support the news and information they count on each day to stay informed about their community.

By committing to annual sponsorship, businesses get:

  • A stand-out Deals Ad that includes a sponsor’s name, logo and tagline, along with updatable photos and text to ensure messages are timely and relevant.
  • A Top Banner Ad that sits above all the content on the Flyer and is only available for our sponsors.
  • Various Logo Ads in the sidebar and footer of our site, and in our newsletter.
  • A Newsletter Banner Ad that’s placed between the top stories in our newsletter.
  • Inclusion in our Weekly Deals Post every Monday.
  • A listing on the Sponsors Page of our website.

Sponsor ads get top billing and are the first to be seen on the Flyer!

Messages that just don’t miss.

Deals Ad – Block Style

A Deals Ad is a stand-out ad with a name, logo and tagline, along with a photo, text and link that can be updated to ensure a message is timely and relevant.

Each week, we contact you to see what you’d like to promote.

Modular placement that auto adjusts.

Deals Ad – Inline Style

Deals Ads automatically adjust their style, depending on
where they appear on our site.

Just like the block-style ads that are displayed in the sidebar of our site, an inline-style Deals Ad also includes a logo, name and tagline, along with an updatable photo and message with an outbound link.

Inline Deals Ads are inside our content to ensure a sponsor’s message is seen by our audience.

Inline-style Deals Ads appear inside stories between paragraphs.

Your brand, everywhere.

Top Banner Ad

A Top Banner Ad is a traditional-style banner ad that appears at the top of our site above all the content on every page.

Logo Ads

Logo Ads are square-shaped banner ads that appear in various locations, including the sidebar, footer and in our newsletter.

Newsletter Banner Ad

A Newsletter Banner Ad is similar to a Top Banner Ad, but appears between the top stories in our email newsletter.

Weekly Deals Post

Our Weekly Deals Post is a featured story that includes all our sponsors’ current messages and is shared on our social media.


  • Deals Ads include up to 120 characters of text with a link, and feature a 500x300px image in JPG format that displays at various sizes depending on where the ad is shown.
  • Top Banner Ads are 728x90px in JPG format.
  • Logo Ads are 125x125px in JPG format.


Flyer Sponsors can choose monthly or annual billing. An optional monthly auto- draft payment ensures that we do all the work – from weekly ad inquiries and placements to billing – so you can focus on what you do best.

Let’s do this!

To get started now, or for more information about sponsorship, call Dustin Bartholomew at 479-387-1002 or email [email protected].



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