Advertising with the Flyer

Our audience is your audience.

As the city’s sole online-only news and information resource, the Flyer is the go-to publication for Fayetteville residents new and old. Because of our focus on Fayetteville, we believe our audience is the most local – and smartest – choice for advertising.

Reach your customers through annual site sponsorship, monthly ads or daily features.

Our readers are educated and engaged in the local community. And best of all, they’re loyal to the businesses who support our work.


By committing to annual support, Flyer sponsors get premium advertising placement:

  • Standout ads that are both timely and relevant
  • Site-wide brand recognition
  • Newsletter advertising
  • Weekly deals post inclusion
  • Listing on our sponsors page
  • 50% off daily ads

Under $15/day


The Flyer offers traditional banner advertisement options in several sizes in the sidebar of our site.

  • Small: 140×100
  • Medium: 300×100
  • Large: 300×250
  • Extra large: 300×600

Starts at $200/mo


Reach our audience on a specific day with a post that’s published on our site just like a story.

Paid posts can also be added to our newsletter or on our social media channels (or both).

Starts at $400/day



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