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Banner Ads

The Flyer offers traditional advertisement options in several sizes and placement areas, with annual, monthly and weekly pricing. For current banner ad rates, email [email protected].

Small Banner Ad

Size fits one logo. Two positions in the sidebar. Limited to 5 ads per position.

Medium Banner Ad

One position in the sidebar. Limited to 5 ads per position.

Large Banner Ad

Four positions on the homepage, three on story pages. Ads rotate through all positions. Limited to 5 ads per homepage position.

Extra Large Banner Ad

Our largest display option. One position. No more than 3 sold. Ad appears at the bottom of the sidebar on the homepage and story pages.


We accept ads in JPG, GIF and PNG formats; GIF animation and HTML5 ads are accepted, but must be approved individually and may not cycle more than twice.




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Dustin Bartholomew
Co-founder, Client Partnerships
[email protected]
Phone: 479-387-1002

Medium Banner Ad (300×100)

Small Banner Ad

Small Banner Ad

Note: Small banner ads are sized to fit a logo, but can sometimes accommodate 2-3 words.

Large Banner Ad (300×250)

Large Banner Ad (300×250)

Extra Large Banner Ad (600×250)