RECIPE: You’re Nuts

This may come as a shock, so let me just rip the Band Aid right off: I didn’t cook anything for Thanksgiving dinner – in fact, I went out to eat. I know. I know! I’ve broken the rules.

RECIPE: Three P Quesadillas

These quesadillas are great as appetizers before a bigger meal, or on their own with all the fixings, like crumbled cotija cheese, fresh pico de gallo, sour cream, and thick slices of avocado.

RECIPE: Breakfast of the Unemployed

What’s interesting about these little guys is their lack of cinnamon, which is usually prevalent in most sticky buns. Instead, toasty pistachios are whizzed together with brown sugar, to make a sweet, crumbly filling.

RECIPE: Red Pepper Love

I began by roasting the peppers under the broiler, to impart a deep, smoky flavor, and combining them with some other classics: sautéed onion, garlic, thyme, oregano, a little white wine, and tomatoes.

Chili a la Hubs

The starring ingredient in his chili is stout beer. The stout leaves a lingering bitter flavor in the chili, but can be counteracted with a few tablespoons of brown sugar.

Autumn Pizza

As the temperatures turn cooler, my hankering for hot, crusty, bready things grows exponentially. This weeknight pizza includes apples, goat cheese and an usual ingredient I don’t often condone.

Fridge Cake

Unfamiliar with chocolate fridge cake, I was pleased to see that it’s basically like making fudge with a bunch of crunchy, chewy, chunky stuff thrown in the mix.

Yoga Stew

The addition of briny green olives at the very end gives a little twang to the dish, and the whole thing is served up on soft, pillowy rice. Even if your version of doing yoga is simply sitting on a sticky mat and shoveling a bowlful of stew into your face, then so be it.

The Poor Pot

The ingredients are inexpensive and a big pot lasts for several meals, and it’s hard to get any heartier than sausage and potatoes. My secret ingredient? A bottle of beer for depth of flavor.

Plum Yummy

Smeared on a piece of good bread with butter, the slightly wild flavor gives you the feeling of being in the Swiss Family Robinson tree house, eating exotic fruits and lounging in a hammock.

Beets & Sweets

I have embraced the earthy flavor of beets, and I just know that something so vibrantly colored has got to be doing amazing things to my insides, besides making them look like I’m dyeing Easter eggs in my mouth.

Are Bee Are

This is the perfect dish to have on a cool September night, when the temperature outside is teasing you with the idea that fall is just around the corner. It’s warming, it’s hearty and it’s perfect for leftovers the next night.

Stuffed Peaches

Flipping through cookbooks for ideas, all I found was peach crumble this, peach cobbler that, peach pie blahdeeblah. Been there, done that! Give me something new, something fresh, something… stuffed?

Colorado Calzone

Instead of piles of cheese and mystery meat, I filled our calzone with sautéed veggies, summer pesto and a few liberal handfuls of Swiss cheese. My calzone was close to food-porn status, if I may toot my own horn.