I took a grilling staple – in this case, fresh sausages – and transformed them into another grilling staple – burgers.

Do the Funky Chicken

Serve this chicken dish over your favorite pasta or your favorite green vegetable, or cut up the chicken, increase the amount of sauce, add some potatoes and serve it as an unexpected stew.

Tomato Sauce 101

This is the best tomato sauce I have ever, EVER made, and likely ever tasted. While I can’t take credit for the recipe, after one bite, you really won’t care who came up with it.

Menu Planning

This past weekend, as I was rummaging through my pile of food magazines, gathering recipes for this week’s menu, a light bulb went off: Why not write a column about menu planning?

Polenta Pie

This recipe lasted us for one dinner and two lunches, and it got better and better with each meal. The polenta firms up nicely and is a delicious, creamy base for the layers of cheese, browned sausage and tomato sauce.

Real Deal Cornmeal

David Dickey’s “Green” Cornmeal is in a medium-coarse grind, and works perfectly for cornbread, stuffing, adding a crunch to cookies – or in my case, adding a delightful texture to buttermilk biscuits.