The following information is meant to help you understand our disclosure policy.

Below you will find a list of general rules we try to follow with examples of how/where we’ve put those rules to use. You will also find a few specific disclosures that we expect to be ongoing.

We have earned your trust and we’d like to keep it.

If transparency is important to you, you’ll be happy to know the following:

  • Any actual or potential conflict of interest that we believe could jeopardize your trust as it relates to a particular post, will be disclosed at the bottom of the post. This includes business/financial relationships with sources or subjects outside the realm of our sponsors or those who purchase banner ads. (Example)
  • If any member of our staff is given a gift or service equal to or of greater value than $5 for writing a particular post – either before (as payment) or after (as a thank-you) – we will disclose this information at the bottom of the post. (Example)
  • When making announcements on behalf of our sponsors, we will clearly label this content. Example)

Potential conflicts of interest

Here’s a list of potential conflicts of interest:

  • Flyer Homes – In 2013, Dustin and Todd partnered with broker Jay Downing to form a local real estate company called Flyer Homes. Dustin helps with marketing and Todd handles photography. The company sometimes purchases advertising on the Flyer, which is labeled as sponsored content.
  • The Good Fear – Dustin and Todd are members of the band The Good Fear. We rarely mention the band on the Flyer.
  • Sale Barn / Washington County Livestock Auction – The former owner of this property, Billy Joe Bartholomew, is Dustin’s grandfather. The Flyer wrote about a few stories about the rezoning of the former property.
  • Senator Greg Leding – Greg Leding is a past contributor to the Fayetteville Flyer.

Did we miss anything?

If you feel like we’ve missed anything above, please don’t hesitate to let us know.