The Flyer is locally owned and operated by Dustin Bartholomew and Todd Gill. All content is created by Dustin, Todd, and a handful of talented contributors.

Dustin Bartholomew, was born in Fayetteville and was a University of Arkansas English major. Dustin lives in Ward 3 with his son Hudson, daughter Evelyn, wife Brandy, and their cat.

Todd Gill was born in Memphis, but has lived in Fayetteville since the first grade. He received a bachelor’s degree in Journalism at the University of Arkansas. Todd lives in Ward 3 with his wife and daughter. He’s a local bike racer, amateur photographer, musician, and former advertising graphic/interactive designer.


Our staff of contributors is made up of native, imported, and at-heart Fayettevillians with diverse backgrounds and interests, but who all have a sincere love of Fayetteville.

Current contributors:
Roger Barrett
Kevin Kinder
Brian Sorensen
Terry J. Wood

Past contributors:
Tommy Atkinson
Caroline Bauman
Wayne Bell
Amy Brown
Meredith Brown
Jon Cox
Stuart Feild
Justin Gage
Sarah Gill
Seth Gunderson
Lacy Haguewood
Cole Hladun
Laura Hobbs
Trip Jones
Ryan Jordal
Jeff Kearney
Olivia Larson
Greg Leding
M Taylor Long
Laurie Marshall
Brian O’Dea
Devin O’Dea
Michelle Parks
Tony Presley
Mary Robbins
Jon Schleuss
Sabine Schmidt
Christopher Spencer
J.T. Wampler
Jon Williams
Tobias Wray