Save Arts Live Theatre

Maybe you’ve heard about this whole economic crisis thing that is gripping our nation and the world right now. Well, it’s hitting home too, and it is an especially tough time for non-profits, and in particular, the arts.

Some say the first thing to go when times are tough is an advertising budget, but in a lot of cases, the first thing that is cut from a corporate budget in tough economic times is actually the money donated to local non-profits.

Arts Live Theatre has been a Northwest Arkansas institution for 25 years providing the youth of the region with theatrical training, performance opportunities and a positive environment to develop self confidence, responsibility and self esteem. The impact of Arts Live has made on students, their families and audiences is significant, and the success stories of Arts Live are numerous with former students going on to professional careers in theatre, film and television.

But despite operating on a shoestring, and trying to look for creative ways to decrease the budget even more, Arts Live theatre is still facing extreme challenges in funding, and are asking for the support of the local community to keep it’s doors open.

They are asking for all people who have benefited from Arts Live to step forward and make a donation, great or small so that Arts Live may continue. Contributions are tax deductible, and it is now in the public’s hands to make sure Art’s Live theatre will survive this tough economy and continue to positively impact children and the arts in Northwest Arkansas.

To donate, call Arts Live Theatre at 479-521-4932, visit their website, or you can mail in your contribution to Arts Live Theatre, P.O. Box 4362, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 72701. Their goal is $100,000, but even small donations will help.