Jared from Subway heading to town

Do you like celebrities? Do you also like sandwiches? Like, of the $5 footlong variety? If so, you’ll do triple backflips over the news that Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle, the guy who lost 245 pounds by eating Subway sandwiches every day, is heading to town to visit with students at Owl Creek Elementary school.

Fogle travels the country speaking to kids about the importance of diet and exercise, and he’ll be in Fayetteville Tuesday, February 13th at 10:00 am to speak to some local kids.

Since Jared started speaking to schools around the country, he has spoken to more than 31,000 students. Those wishing they could kick it with Jared that do not attend Owl Creek elementary school though are out of luck. It’s a student assembly, and not open to the public.

Jared is tops in the regular-guy-gets-famous-for-something-kinda-weird category as far as celebrities go, and he’s been at it as the official spokesperson for Subway for about 9 years ever since he ended his Subway only diet in 1999.

Which got us thinking; Fayetteville is awesome, and from time to time, and especially during the Wal-Mart shareholders meeting, we get random celebrities in town for weird reasons. What are some Flyer readers stories on meeting / seeing random celebrities in Fayetteville.

I’ll go first. Years ago, I worked at a restaurant called Kirby’s (old school) and Tyra Banks came in to the restaurant during the shareholders meeting. Yup. Tyra Banks at Kirby’s. Weird.

Your turn. Go.