sg Speaks: Why is Tebow Really Staying Put?

While it’s sad that College Football has almost officially ended (save the senior all-star games yet to be played), there’s still quite a bit of talk going on around the sport, largely due to underclassmen declaring for the draft. The SEC landscape usually changes once this happens. Sure enough, there are already reports that some of the SECs better athletes are opting for greener pastures.

One name you won’t be seeing on that list, at least as of now, is Florida golden boy Tim Tebow. That’s right, after winning the BCS National Championship last week, Tebow told his fellow Floridians that he’s planning on returning next year so they can win it again.

Sick isn’t it?

Why on Earth would Tebow do that? He’s already won a Heisman Trophy and TWO National Titles. What more can he do? Sure a second Heisman and a third title would be good, but most would say he’s taking a huge risk with injury by not turning pro and making the big bucks. And really, his NFL stock can’t get any higher than it is right now. Dude is maxed out. So what gives?

Here’s what Tebow had to say:

“Overall, I just felt loyal to this place. I feel like I’m a role model, and a lot of times people start things and don’t finish them. I didn’t want to be like that. I wanted to be loyal to the university. I wanted to finish what I started and play another year.”

Uh-huh. Riiiiight. He wants to be a role model and finish what he started? Hmmm. I think the following paragraph about sums it up:

Coach Urban Meyer set him up with several NFL coaches to talk about his pro prospects. Although Tebow said he got mixed feedback, nothing he heard swayed his decision.

Translation: There’s a large conversation going on about how Tebow’s playing style fits into the NFL. He’s not your traditional under-center QB. And while he’s not an option runner, per se, he’s also not your prototypical drop-back passer. He’s a runner and a gunner. And that, historically, hasn’t worked out so well in the NFL.

Remember our former rock star QB, Matt Jones? He’s now a WR for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Remember Missouri’s former rock star QB, Brad Smith? He’s now a WR for the New York Jets. Remember former QB rock stars Michael Vick and Vince Young? They’ve both had their share of successes and failures as a running/gunning QB in the League. Notice a pattern?

To effectively draft, and use, that type of player, the offense has to be completely re-tooled or re-built around them. Which begs the question of Bobby Petrino’s quick leave of absence in Atlanta. Do you think Petrino’s idea of coaching in the NFL included Vick going to jail and building the team from the ground-up? Me either, though they seem to have done well for themselves.

Sure Tebow wants to be a loyalist and stick around to accomplish more great things, but I think it’s safe to say that he isn’t ready to change his role in the world of the NFL. That’s completely fine. But I think there might be some other reasons. Ahem.

The Top Ten REAL Reasons that Tim Tebow is Coming Back for his Senior Season Instead of Opting for the NFL (according to sg):

10. They don’t have the kind of grapes he likes hand-fed to him in NFL locker rooms.
9. He JUST learned the fifth iteration of the Gator Chomp and can’t wait to do it during a game.
8. Once he’s making money, Chuck Norris might sue to get his jokes back.
7. There are rumors that NFL coaches frown upon using Flowbees for haircuts.
6. He’s afraid that someone might actually knock his chin clean-off.
5. Virgin Shirley Temples aren’t cool to order in night clubs and NO ONE knows what a Buck Rogers is anyway.
4. He’s scared of being drafted to a northern team since he can’t grow a full beard.
3. Nike and Under Armour declined his request to design shoes that allow him to actually walk on water.
2. He can’t rap and looks incredibly dumb with a grill on his teeth.

And the number one real reason that Tim Tebow is coming back for his senior season instead of opting for the NFL (according to sg): He’s not into putting his hands right next to a Center’s butt hole.

Whatever the reasons are for Tebow to stay behind isn’t going to change the fact that he’s staying for another year. So the competition in the SEC is probably better off for him sticking around. And if you don’t think that Florida is already penned as the favorite next year, then you need to think again.