U of A going green-er

Since 2004, the University of Arkansas has required all new construction to be LEED certified.

However, requiring new construction to be energy efficient was not the end of it. Yesterday, Chancellor Gearhart announced a new program titled “Razors EDGE” that aims to update 56 of the campus’ buildings in order to maximize their energy efficiency.

The EDGE in Razors EDGE stands for Efficiently Delivering Green Energy. So… the program is really called Razors Efficiently Delivering Green Energy? I’m not sure how Razors will help deliver green energy, but I’m not a scientist.

All kidding aside, the program is a step in the right direction for the University. Currently, the buildings targeted for updating make up one fourth of the UA’s space. The potential energy savings after the 18-month project is completed is estimated to be around 30-36 percent. Or, if you prefer to talk in terms of how it affects the bottom line; it should save the UA around $7 million dollars annually. Nawt Bawd!

Energy Systems Group, the company hired to reduce the U of A’s carbon footprint, will install all kinds of gizmos, gadgets and doodads to reduce their energy consumption. Some items, among many slated for installation, include automatic light dimmers, water-saving devices and solar water heaters.

Ultimately, the program should help reduce overall costs which should, in turn, help keep tuition costs from rising, making the U of A an affordable option for students looking to get their learn-on. Can’t argue with that.

[For more: NWAnews.com, dailyheadlines.uark.edu]