Smoke & Barrel Tavern seeking “founding members”

The Smoke & Barrel Tavern on Dickson Street has been pursuing a private club license to allow smoking, amongst other things, but most importantly, to allow them to stop riding on the Jose’s license.

“But we need your help!” reads a Facebook message sent last week. “We need 110 names and address of people who support The Smoke & Barrel. These will be submitted to the state and to no one else,” said co-owner Evan McDonald.

As of last night, the owners were still a few dozen names shy of their goal so if you’re interested in helping out, please send your name and address to smokeandbarrel(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject line “Private Club License.”

Of course, anyone sharing an address with another submitter will be counted as one so all you married couples and roomates need to determine who is going to submit their name.

“Anyone who helps out will have their name recorded and displayed as a Founding Member,” say the owners.

The Smoke & Barrel has been warmly welcomed in the location that once housed Bordino’s. The atmosphere is great and some of the entertainment, most notably Opal Fly’s weekly Thursday night Musician Showcase, has taken a life of its own.

“Just think of it!” said McDonald. “One day, when your grandchild recounts another fantastic evening at The Smoke & Barrel, you can smile, chuckle and, with a gleam of pride in your glistening eye, say ‘You know, I helped found that bar.’ And that child will worship you as a god.”