Fayetteville is Pizza-Rich

We’ve got a lot of things to be thankful for here in Fayetteville; An excellent downtown area, the U of A and all it gives us and, of course, lots and lots of great pizza places. That’s right folks, as Mrs. Rightly says: we’re pizza-rich here in Fayetteville.

With the recent entrance of Gusano’s on the Fayetteville pizza scene, the number of great places to grab a pie has gone up once again. From Tim’s to Hogwild, U.S. Pizza to Cable Car, Jim’s Razorback to The Mellow Mushroom, Gusano’s and beyond, we’re awfully lucky to have such an assortment of great pizzerias in our neck of the woods. It doesn’t matter if you’re craving a delicious thin crust pizza or a thick, deep dish, Chicago-style pie, Fayetteville’s got what you need to whet your pizza-loving appetite… and thank God for that.

However, after going over all the great pizza places we have, I started thinking about what we’re lacking in the area and came up with a few things.

First off, I’m amazed that we don’t have one single Indian restaurant here in town. Not one. Now, I’m no big fan of Curry or Indian food in general, but I certainly know an awful lot of folks who are. There’s no doubt that if Fayetteville can sustain the amount of Thai restaurants we have(we’re also Thai-rich), we can definitely keep one Indian establishment up and running. So long as it’s good, that is.

We could also use more local, non-chain, bistro-type restaurants here in town. A place where you can go on a date and don’t really need to dress-up. A place where the food is good, the service is great and the food spectacular. Basically, more places like Hugo’s.

Breakfast places. Don’t get me wrong; places like Village Inn, Denny’s and IHOP are great to have. However, it’s nice to have a place to go where you can enjoy a nice long breakfast with your friends and family… and maybe enjoy a mimosa or a bloody mary while you’re at it. Common Grounds and Gaylords are great, but it seems like there’s always a wait. A similar alternative would be a welcome addition to the area.

Anyway, these are just a few places I wish we had in Fayetteville. If I had the money, the time and the energy, I’d love to open these places myself. Until then, I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers and wait for some entrepreneurial soul to come along and make it happen.

What do you think Flyers, is there anything you wish we had here in the ‘ville?