4 More Theatres at Razorback

Good news, movie-lovers! Razorback theatre is planning on adding-on to the already wickedly awesome movie theatre!

The new and improved Razorback theatre first opened its doors back in October of 2007 and has delighted movie-goers ever since. Razorback theatre boasts state-of-the-art DLP projection(which is 3D capable), stadium seating and a pretty dang good concession stand. It’s a fantastic place and we’re pretty fortunate to have it here in Fayetteville.

Malco Theatres, Inc, the company behind Razorback theatre, recently submitted a site improvement plan to the good folks over at the Fayetteville Planning Division. The plan calls for adding almost 7,900 square feet in the form of four new, albeit smaller theatres, bringing the total theatre count up to 16. Bam!

The four smaller theatres will enable Malco to show more films(possibly meaning independant and foreign) as well as keep movies playing at the theatre a little while longer. I don’t know about you, but that sounds good to me.

Am I excited about the addition? Very. However, I was pretty disappointed that the letters I, M, A and X are nowhere to be seen. I’ve heard rumors from day 1 about an IMAX being planned for the theatre. In fact, a source which will remain nameless once told me that not only was it planned, but at one time, it was in the blueprints. I can understand why they would hold out on putting in a brand new IMAX in a brand new theatre. It makes sense to wait and see how successful the new theatre will be before going all out and adding an IMAX. While I don’t have any numbers to back me up, I feel fairly confident in saying that the new Razorback has not only been successfully, but that it has been hugely successful. Because of this, I think it goes to show that an IMAX would do quite well here in Fayetteville.

My main concern is that NWA could only sustain one IMAX theatre and if we don’t get one soon, someone up in the Rogers/Bentonville area will beat us to it… and that would suck.

To the folks at Malco: Thank you for adding four more theatres to the Razorback building. That rules. You’ve done a fantastic job keeping the movie-loving people of Fayetteville happy. The new theatres will keep the folks from Fayetteville and Springdale happily coming through the doors and slapping down some cash to catch a good movie. But if you were to throw an IMAX in the mix, it would have people(me) throwing money at you in order to watch a movie on that beautiful 5 story screen. When that happens, not only will the folks from Fayetteville and Springdale be pumped, but you’ll start pulling in folks from all over Northwest Arkansas, which means very good buisness for Razorback theatre.

Like the creepy voice from Field of Dreams said: If you build it, he we will come…

[For more information, check out this NWA Times article]