Restaurant Week: Meet and greet?

Over the course of the last year, the Fayetteville Flyer has become a community within the community of Fayetteville. There are a lot of you that have become regular commenters on stories, and participated in the conversations about our great city, and as a result you’ve become an important part of one of the things we’re trying to create with the Flyer; a forum to discuss all things Fayetteville that has the opportunity to improve the community we live in through our discussions.

With our Restaurant Week coverage, we are hoping to give a boost to some of our favorite local eateries by encouraging you guys to go out and support them during a tough economic time. We’ll be giving away gift certificates and talking about local restaurants quite a bit this week, but we thought we could take it one step further and combine the collective power of the Flyer to give at least one local restaurant a real boost.

On Friday, Feb 6th, we’d like to get together with some of you at a local restaurant for lunch. Because haven’t you always wondered what Boggy Creek Creature looks like? Don’t you want a chance to hang out with Scott Stapp of Creed? Wouldn’t it be awesome to just punch Wiff Rightly right in the gut?

Whether or not this happens is up to you guys. If you’re interested, vote for the local restaurant you’d like to visit by leaving a comment. Whichever restaurant gets the most votes by Thursday close of business is where we’ll go on Friday. We’ll meet at said restaurant at 12:00 for lunch.

Sorry, the Flyer isn’t picking up the tab. We’ll have to go dutch this time. Cool? Where do you guys wanna meet?