T.I. coming to Barnhill Arena Feb 25th

“Dun dom dun. Dun Dom dun. Dan Dom Dun dum dum said you can can have whatever you like. Yeah, you can have whatever you like. Yeah.”

If you’ve heard any given four minutes on commercial pop radio in the last few weeks, you’ve undoubtedly heard that song, and on February 25th, you can hear it live at Barhill Arena.

The University of Arkansas Headliner Concerts Committee is bringing T.I., acclaimed rapper, actor, and chart topper with hits like “Live Your Life,” “My Love,” and the above mentioned “Whatever You Like” for a spring concert at Barhill.

Tickets are $35, and go on sale this Saturday at Ticketmaster.

If this seems like short notice, as Kevin Kinder pointed out on the Times’ Tuned in blog, “the concert can’t be much later in the year — T.I. is headed to jail in March on gun-related charges. Yeowch.

Thanks again to Flyer reader cbotwell for the tip.

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