Winners: Restaurant week giveaway

As Restaurant Week comes to a close, it’s time to announce the winners of our contests. There were 5 total contests and 13 winners. Not bad!

We’ve already contacted the winners and are just waiting for a couple of replies so if you haven’t heard from us, you didn’t win this time. Don’t let that discourage you, though. Restaurant Week comes twice a year in Fayetteville so look for more chances to win tasty local food again in about six months or so.

And the winners are:

Lucky Luke’s BBQ

The $25 gift card goes to Ruth. Get yourself some BBQ, Ruth!

Flying Burrito

The five winners of a free entree are Scott S., Nichole, geeves, Total Bastard and christine. Get yourselves some entrees, guys!


The $25 gift card goes to halfdeserted. Get yourself some dang Hugo’s, halfdeserted!

A Day on Dickson

The $50 gift card to Common Grounds/Hog Haus, 4 free burritos from Qdoba and $50 gift card to Bordino’s goes to pat dallas. Get yourself a day on Dickson, pat dallas!

Best offer of Restaurant Week

The first place winner and proud owner of a $20 gift card to Powerhouse is Beebs. Second, third and fourth place each got a free pizza from Eureka Pizza and those went to George, sofresh-n-sogay and Kyle. Fifth place got a $10 gift card to Jammin’ Java and that winner was Tracie.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks so much to everyone who entered. Restaurant Week was a lot of fun but as with any week here at the Flyer, it wouldn’t be worth a dang without our readers. Here’s to you all!

As usual, we entered all the names for each contest into a list at Random.Org and let the magic of science and technology choose our winners. Below are the results for each contest.