College Radio to Throw Prom Night

KXUA 88.3 FM, UA student-run radio, will host a Prom for Fayetteville this Valentine’s Day, February 14th at the New Deli house.

Prom, yes, prom. It’s short for promenade and it probably causes you to have bad memories of rejection. Suck it up, sweetie, this is a college-radio-kid prom. It’ll be loads better than that high school dance oh-so-long ago.

The five-hour affair begins at 8:00 PM and will include: a dance off with a live DJ, punch (college kind), and a King and Queen.

I wonder who will be crowned mister such-and-such and misses so-and-so. It could be the pretty ones; the smart ones; or maybe there’ll be a big fight to decide the victors. I’m hoping for the latter.

The KXUA staff is warning attendees to wear semi-formal clothes and check all Britney Spears CDs at the door.

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