Get Your Date On!

We all love VD, right? And by “VD” I mean “Valentines Day.” If you went somewhere else with that abbreviation, you need to pull your head out of the gutter.

Anyway, it’s Valentines Day! It’s time to take that special someone out on a romantic date, wine and dine her(or him) and maybe have some flowers delivered because if you’re gonna do it, make sure you do it right. You don’t want your significant other thinking you’re a cheapskate.

However, if you haven’t made your plans yet, you’re in trouble. Most restaurants that take reservations will already be booked. It never hurts to call and check but the odds are stacked against you my friend. Don’t get your hopes dashed just yet, though. All around town, there are restaurants that don’t take reservations so if you show up early enough, you just might not have too long of a wait on your hands.

If you want to skip out on the long lines and crammed restaurants, there are plenty of other options. You can always keep it in. Stop by Richard’s and pick up some steaks that will serve as the main course for a homemade, candlelight dinner. If cooking’s not your thing but you can at least manage to operate a stove, Papa Murhpy’s makes a special heart-shaped pizza… and if a heart-shaped pizza doesn’t say “I love you more than life itself,” then I’m not the Don Juan I thought I was.

There’s all sorts of non-traditional Valentines Day events going on tonight out on Dickson. So if you’re looking to party instead of “get down”(wink, wink), Dickson Street’s where it’s at… especially if you’re dateless tonight. You never know, you might end up meeting another lonely heart out looking for that special someone. Well, probably not, but it never hurts to try.

After the wining, the dining or whatever it is you decide to do, if things are going well and it’s looking like you might be getting freaky or weird, then make sure you’re prepared. Stop by Seductions, Special Occassions or Condom Sense and pick up a few “Tools of the Trade.”

Whatever you do tonight, we at the Fayetteville Flyer hope you enjoy it. Happy Valentines Day!

[Photo: dalylab (Flickr) via Creative Commons 2.0]