KUAF Groundbreaking: Today

For as long as I can remember, KUAF, our local NPR affiliate, has been holed up in that red brick building across from the Engineering building on the U of A campus. Anytime I’d stop by to pick up a sticker or grab a pair of movie tickets I’d won(the wooden chicken has been good to me), I’d always be amazed at how they were able to operate out of such a small space. The office was packed full and it was fairly obvious that the folks at KUAF needed more space.

Last year, KUAF announced that it will be building a new office to house its studio and employees. Eventually, a design was released and a location given. The new space would be located at 9 S. School St next to the Blair Library… a very appropriate spot in my opinion.

The new $2.5 million dollar LEED certified building will, of course, be larger than the current spot. In addition, it will not only house the studio and office space, but will also include an area for public events and live performances. With the added space for public events, I’m hoping that KUAF will finally hold an on-air personality dance-off. My money’s on Pete Hartman… although I hear that PJ Robowski’s got some serious breakdancing skills.

Now that a design has been settled on and a lot has been found, it’s time to get building. This afternoon, KUAF is inviting “any and all friends” to come out for the groundbreaking ceremony. There will be speakers from the U of A, station manager Rick Stockdell will talk about making the move to the new office and the name of the building will be officially announced. The ceremony will start at 2:30 this afternoon and will take place on site, which is just north of the Fayetteville Public Library on Mountain Street.

If you’re able to make it, make sure to push the dance-off idea on anyone who will listen… and maybe give the KUAF folks a congratulatory pat on the back.

[Rendering by Polk Stanley | Rowland Curzon Porter Architects, LTD.]