To-Do Thursday: 2/19/09

It was a busy week here at the Flyer and regretfully, we missed the To-Do lists for the last couple of days. Wanna punish us? Fine, we deserve it. Just leave us an anonymous rude comment.

For any of you ladies out there who totally fell in love with our own Dustin Bartholomew last night as he was being interviewed on KNWA, you’ll be saddened to know two things: 1) He’s married and 2) He smells awful.

Kidding. He smells pretty OK.

Tonight at Club Froggy’s is The Nick Nolte’s, aka Chad and Travis of Thanks for Nothing.

George’s has 1 Oz Jig and Patrice Pike.

Thursday nights belong to Opal Fly at the Smoke & Barrel Tavern. Just don’t expect any more magic shows over there. Those days are gone, man. Gone.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, Avenue Q is still playing at the Walton Arts Center. We reviewed it yesterday.

Over at the Boom Boom Room, you can catch Randy Soller. Not sure if it’s just Randy or the entire Sollersystem. Anyone know?

In midtown, check out a Maud Crawford acoustic show at The Gypsy on College. Just down the street is Kevin Bennoch at the Pesto Cafe.

As always, Tangerine has its regular Thursday night Drag Show and of course, there’s always DJ Peaches at Speakeasy.

For those of you who just wanna chillax with a tasty beverage, The Lightbulb Club has some new drink specials. 10oz frosty mugs are $1, all night, every night. Well drinks are also a buck until midnight. Mmm.