Do you brunch?

Anytime I’m hanging out with my friends late on a Saturday night, it’s inevitable that someone is going to suggest we all get together for brunch the next morning. It usually sounds like the best idea ever thought of. But not to one of my friends. He hates brunch. Hates it.

Now I’ll admit, actually getting up and eating brunch after a long Saturday night isn’t always as awesome as it seemed the night before. In fact, more than half the brunches planned in my circle of friends don’t end up happening at all. Everyone’s usually too tired (or sick) to pull themselves out of bed.

But it’s not the getting up early that makes my friend a brunch hater. When asked if he doesn’t like the particular restaurant that’s been suggested, he’ll quickly reply, “I don’t have anything against that place. I just hate brunch, that’s all.”

“Why do you hate brunch, though?”

“I just do.”

“Do you hate breakfast?”

“No. Just brunch.”


We may never get an answer out of him on this one but I am left wondering if there’s anyone else out there that’s anti-brunch. I mean, I’m not necessarily a brunch-lover or anything weird like that but I don’t see anything to hate about waking up late and combining two meals into one.

At the very least, you’re saving time, money and even some chewing-n-swallowing. Plus, if you’re in a group of friends, you don’t even have to take a shower or put on clean clothes. Everyone just accepts the fact that since it’s brunch, it’s OK to be a stinky, hungover slob for a few hours.

What about you? Do you brunch?

If so, where do you brunch? At home? At a local restaurant? In the bathroom?

[Photo by anniemole via Flickr & Creative Commons 2.0]