To-Do Monday: 2/23/09

If you aren’t too tired from keeping track of the real winners and losers of the Oscar’s last night (i.e. who totally owned the red carpet? Angelina in her Elie Saab with bursts of green jewels? Or Marisa Tomei in her pleated Versace?), you might be interested in heading out for some serious Crazy Hair Rawk (CHR) tonight.

What’s CHR? Duh, it’s when a rawk band features every kind of crazy hair possible. You know, like bleachy spots, goatees, dreads, doo rags, top hats, red-white-n-blue paint, mohawks and sometimes even the infamous feathered look.

George’s has CHR specialists Saliva from Memphis, Tennessee. Also on the bill and giving Saliva a serious run for their CHR money is Pop Evil. Oh yeah, and Aranda is also playing but is seriously lacking in the CHR department. Maybe Aranda is just opening the set?

In contrast, Pesto Cafe has Darren Ray. He has no crazy hair. In fact, he has no hair at all. But he is an award-winning local singer/songwriter and Pesto Cafe is totally delicious so if you marry the two together, you’d have a dang good Monday night. Sans CHR, of course.

Finally, the UA Inspirational Singers will be at the Fayetteville Public Library (Walker Community Room) tonight at 6:30pm in celebration of African American History Month. It’s free and open to the public.

What else is happening tonight?